Third Session
Rescued from the Past

The party, having entered the step pyramid and conquered the zombie lord, surveyed their surroundings. They were in a dusty and dark round room with exits on either side. One held an unconscious female wood elf, chained to the wall. The other a large chest next to a weapon rack. Upon further analysis, a secret door was discovered leading into a torture chamber
complete with rack and iron maiden.

Not only does the party find they find themselves rescuing an elf from the chains, but there was also a suli in the iron maiden, named Portana and Thane, receptively. Asami brought them both to consciousness and the party learned that these two beings had been trapped down here for at least 75 years.

Portana the elf was captured 75 years earlier and made to be tortured by her converted elven monk companion, the zombie lord. The magical chains kept her alive without food or water, and they kept her from casting her spells, but she aged that entire time. Though not old for an elf, her hair is a pure white and her skin paler than any other elf.

Thane was captured during his first pathfinder mission, 80 years earlier. The iron maiden’s magic powers kept him alive and not aging, but in constant, timeless agony and pain.

Both Portana and Thane were captured by the Torbid cult, a fanatical cult of necromancers who had great power at that time, but were soon later destroyed by the Lion Knights. They were left forgotten with their undead captors, in pain and misery for almost a century.

This was interrupted by the goblins coming back from their patrol. The party rushed up to the top of the step pyramid, upon hearing the goblinoid tongue spoken in shock at finding their comrades. A great battle was about to arise, a goblin ranger leading his comrades up the steps, but Kul’Thad threw a javelin he found on the weapon rack. The javelin turned into a magic bolt of lightning and turned all the goblins into a crisp.

The treasures were gathered up and split amongst the party. Ysgarren took the magical shackles that had bound Portana, but the iron maiden was much too heavy to ever contemplate bringing with.

Asami and Millie the Pipefox get to know each other a little better on their journey back to Blunderstone, as did Portana and Asami.

Ysgarren has Portana ride his pack pony and gave both fine clothes; else they be naked.

A moss troll attacked from the treetops, falling down upon the party. The troll was deadly and almost killed Thane and Kul’Thad. If it weren’t for Asami’s healing touch they may have. Yet the party was quick to kill the creature before more harm could be done. Arrows from Lillith and Ysgarren’s sword made the troll flee, almost dead itself.

Upon returning to Blunderstone, Noodla the Druid healed the party and their rescued companions. Portana took further healing from a curse that was beset upon her, but she instantly gained her magical oracle powers back when she was cured. Plants and flowers around her sprang into existence around her, growing to large heights in seconds. Thane’s body was healed of the many, many dotted scars that were across his body. The party was very grateful for the group healing.

After bringing Linny her family signet ring, the seven of them went back to the inn to get a good meal and reflect on recent events and future doings.

Second Session
Gnomes, Plants, and Goblins

With suggestion from Asami, the party stayed at the same campsite they defeated the poltergeist at. Asami knew that the undead creature would not return for a few days.

Asami was placing her bedroll on a 4’ long venomous snake, yet Lillith was quick to see the snake and jump to Asami’s resuce. Lilith pulled Asami out of reach from the snakes surprising strike.

Asami instinctively began to summon the celestial monkeys to her aid. By the time the monkeys arrived, the snake was already chopped in two pieces by Kul’Thad and Ysgarren. When the three celestial monkeys did arrive, they took the two pieces of the snake, pulled one piece into two, and each monkey disappeared back into their realm with a piece of snake.

The next morning, a furiously stubborn boar died by threatening the party at the beginning of their day’s journey.

Shortly later the party came upon a fork in the road. As they approached the signpost, a trio of hobgoblins ambushed out of the bushes. Longswords in hand, the hobgoblins fiercely attacked Ysgarren and Linny. Kul’Thad came storming down the flank of the hobgoblins and quickly made mincemeat of them, with the aid of his fellow Pathfinders. Kul’Thad now wears a trio of hobgoblin ears on a cord around his neck.

The party took the right fork towards the gnome settlement of Blunderstone.

That afternoon, half a dozen wyverns were seen flying over the canopy of the forest, flying northward. The party felt fortunate to not have drawn their attention as they quickly were out of sight.

Later that day, the party was attacked by a Worg. The worg was frothing at the mouth and went for Tempest, Ysgarren’s mount. Tempest stood through the worg’s first attack, but not the second. Ysgarren hit the ground and the word started dragging its prey into the wood. The party was quick to destroy the beast for its foul crime, but this was not fast enough to prevent the horrible sorrow and woe the cavalier Ysgarren now feels for his lost companion and mount.

Further down the road, the party was privy to the rare sight of a pard taking down an almiraj in a flighty chase that ended right in front of the party. Upon seeing the party, the pard carried the almiraj into the forest, quickly becoming unseen again. It was a beautiful sight to behold, or some of the party thought so.

That second night camping under the forest canopy was uneventful, other than the sounds of the forest throughout the night.

The third day travelling saw the party reach their destination at the end of the day. Upon approaching two hungry looking hangman trees that covered the path, a small green haired gnome stepped out of the wood and approached the party. She was Noodla, a druid of Blunderstone.

Noodla quickly healed the party and bid Linny to go straight to her grandfather. She encouraged Linny to take the outer trail around the settlement to the house. To let the party pass by the writhing vines of the hangman tree, Noodla stroked the trunk of each, whispering something softly to each. Each tree in turn stopped its searching vines movements and seemed to calm.

The party made haste with Linny around the settlement, passing a couple of sentry guards as they made their way down the curving trail. A smell of smoke came from the north and Linny could see that the orchards had recently been burnt to the ground.

Upon reaching the home of Linny and her family, they found Linny’s grandfather, the wizard Gamlin Gearbox, tinkering with a non-functioning clockwork warrior. Gamlin told of how goblins had attacked and killed Linny’s and his family. While a pair of goblin gangs distracted from the north, a warband of goblins attacked while riding worgs. Linny’s family was in the orchard at the family harvest ritual and took attacked and destroyed one of the goblin gangs and died fighting the other. The fight was a good one, but the attack was swift and precise for goblins. The rangers of Blunderstone chased the worg riders south for many miles before giving up pursuit. The few remaining goblins from the gangs were tracked by Noodla’s animal friends to a hidden small step pyramid in the forest to the north. Not only did the goblins kill her Linny’s mother and other family, they took her mother’s signet ring as they looted and fled.

Linny and Gamlin went into the house together to mourn. The party then went and found rooms at the only inn with rooms big enough to accommodate them. Within the inn the party bought dinners and rooms for the night, and provisions for their future travels. Outside the inn, the party were lucky enough to come across a gnome witch selling healing potions.

Late that night Noodla came to Asami’s room at the inn and gave the message that Linny needed to speak with Asami. She also warned that Linny was probably going to want the party to fight the goblins for her, and recommended using the tactic of not fighting them all at once. She compared them to zombies, a few being easy to kill, but many being ever so much harder.

When Asami went to Linny that night, Linny indeed did want Asami and her fellow party members to go after the surviving goblins that fled north with her family signet ring. She offered 1000 gold pieces and anything else they found when killing the goblins, as long as they brought back her family signet ring. She also mentioned to make sure and look inside the step pyramid, revealing that much of her family’s fortune came from raiding such places.

The next morning, the party was off on their new quest, following directions that Noodla provided into the dense forest north of down.

Shortly after leaving the village, twenty leaf rays startled the party as they flew off of a tree. The living manta ray like flying plants were an impressive sight in such numbers.

As the party worked their way through the underbrush of the forest, a Jack’o’Lantern attacked with quickly. It died just as swiftly, but exploded into a burning mass of spores that singed some of the party.

Further in their journey, Asami and Kul’Thad saw a pipefox climbing in the trees behind and above them, looking down at Asami. They tried to speak to the creature, but it magically disappeared.

Near the end of their first day’s journey, the party saw the leaf rays flying back south.

When making camp, the party was smart and avoided the clearing when they noticed a group of scarlet spiders living in the vicinity.

That night while on watch, Asami smartly ignored that deadly pair of large centipedes that she watched wander by the camp.

This day on their travels, Lillith noticed the pipefox following them, but the one time the party tried to make contact, the cute pipefox disappeared again.

The next end of the next day’s journey, the party approached their quarry’s lair. Lillith scouted ahead and found that there were four goblins at the top of the step pyramid, when they were led to believe there should be at least eight. The party moved in to find the rest of the goblins back and eight about the step pyramid.

Biding their time, the party camped and waited for the next day. Lillith waited and watched the next morning until the goblins sent out a party of their own.

Lillith gathered her comrades and together they swiftly acted. Asami deftly snuck around the pyramid and summoned her celestial friends, the monkeys. The monkey’s drew the attention of the goblins and while Asami circled back around, Asami heard something order the goblins to investigate her monkeys. While the goblins were going down one side of the pyramid, the rest of the party ran up the other side and quickly destroyed the goblin snake sorcerer who had given the order. Its goblin warriors were quick to respond, but death was their only outcome.

Kul’Thad tried to push a round dias that centered at the top of the pyramid, thinking he could get in. His strength was great, but it didn’t work. Suddenly the pipefox appeared again, laughing that the button was on the bottom of one of the broken pillars.

Upon pushing the button, Kul’Thad was able to push the circle dias off of the opening and ladder that it hid. Ysgarren took out his everburning torch and descended into the darkness. He was quickly attacked by a female human monk that had long ago been turned into a zombie lord. She moved fast and furiously with her flurry of blows. Kul’Thad jumped down into the room, falling prone and getting hit with the flurry himself as he stood to battle the beast. It was fierce, but only moments before the battle ended.

In the dark the party could see two openings. Through one opening they could see a female elf in tattered rags, hanging limp from a set of shackles on the wall. The other opening showed a chest sitting in the center of a room.

First Session
Into the Woods

Four adventurers go on their first mission together as a Pathfinder party. Asami the Vanara Oracle, Ysgarren the Human Cavalier, Lillith the Tiefling Ranger, and Kul’Thad the Half-Elf Barbarian all take the charge of protecting the gnome Linny Silverfingers while travelling from the City of Sorellia to the gnome town of Blunderstone, deep in the Briarwood.

Each of the characters has their reasons for wanting to be Pathfinders, but little did they know that their first battle would be half a dozen wild dogs. As the party was about to enter the Briarwood, they were attack by the assortment of canines. The dogs varied in size and the largest three attacked swiftly out of the tall grasses. The hungry dogs had no chance.

Arrows flew from Lillith’s bow damaging two dogs, a rock from Asami’s sling took down one with a single strike, Ysgarren’s trusty horse mount galloped past while Ysgarren impaled a beast, and Kul’Thad’s rage made sure the dogs met his axe. Only one hungry dog escaped the carnage. Yet these heroes were not flawless. Kul’Thad was horribly mauled by the beasts. Linny was nice enough to pass out healing potions to the party as thanks, during lunch, hours later.

During their first day through the beautiful yet spooky Briarwood, Kul’Thad noticed a leopard stalking the party. Upon Kul’Thad notifying the party, Lillith quickly let everyone know that the leopard was not hostile. The party followed the path for another hour before the leopard stopped escorting them through its territory.

Later that evening, Linny decided to stop for camp at an old fire pit off the roadside. Linny was building the fire in preparation for dinner when the stones composing the fire pit circle raised up and flew circling above the flames. Just as suddenly, an undead female in burnt rags flashed in view above fire, disappearing again just as quickly. Lillith became quite frightened and burst out of the campsite and across the road, before gathering her wits. Asami knew she was fighting a poltergeist and cast a spell in the Celestial tongue, making a group of her sling stones magically enhanced. She flung one into the space above the fire and was rewarded with a shriek of pain from the undead beast. Her next stone was not thrown nearly as accurately.

Since Asami only can speak Celestial in battle, so the rest of the party kept attacking the invisible beast, unaware that poltergeists only can be hurt by magic. Kul’Thad struck so surely with his great axe that he knew the creature must not have been impervious to his attacks. Instead he went and investigated a strange lizard he had never seen before. This lizard was bipedal and looked more curious than hostile, watching the party fight with the poltergeist from across the road.

As the party was fighting the poltergeist and Kul’Thad was investigating the lizard, a hidden Kitsune ranger fired a set of four arrows into the poltergeist, extinguishing its undead energies, for now.

The ranger introduced himself as Killian Dualarrow. He declared he wished he gotten there sooner to help and abruptly half-drew his sword asking if the Pathfinder party were Lycans. He just as quickly sheathed his sword, smiling while petting his compsognathus, the bipedal lizard that ran from Kul’Thad to Killian when the fighting stopped. Killian then declared he wished he could stay and chat, but had somewhere to be and disappeared into the forest as abruptly as he arrived.

Upon searching the campsite, Lillith found 13 platinum pieces in a dirty red beltpouch. The coins were stamped with the horse emblem that is on all Sorellia coins. Lillith showed Asami and Asami quickly warned of the dangers of taking coins that could belong to a cursed poltergeist. Lillith was quick to listen and put the coins back where she found them.

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