A female Vanara chosen to be the oracle of Amar


Asami is the older of the two children of Mikiko, the Vanaran Cleric. Her father fell to the Kech, ape-like enemies of the Vanara, when Asami and her younger brother, Masaki, were very small. As the daughter of the queen, and spiritual leader of the small Vanara village of Sumura, Asami had been groomed from a young age to assume the royal and priestly duties of her mother, but the hand of their god intervened and revealed to Asami the course she must instead take. During one of her daily meditations, Amar, god of the Vanara, spoke through Asami in the Celestial tongue, revealing to her that the written stories of his adventures had been lost to the ages. He tasked her then with finding those stories, telling her that doing so would uncover the history and full potential of the Vanara people. He told her that the way ahead would be difficult, but that he would provide her with special tools to help her on her journey. As Amar’s possession ended, Asami and her mother knew Asami’s life could never be the same.

Soon after, Asami discovered quite by accident that she had attained the ability to repair damage to items with the touch of her hands, and her strange powers continued to grow. In the heat of a confrontation with a lone Kech, Asami instinctively summoned three Celestial monkeys that turned the tide of battle and saved her life. However, she also discovered the curse that had been placed upon her as a price for being Amar’s Oracle: she had been doomed to only understand and speak in Celestial during battle for the rest of her days.

Asami stayed in Sumura for a while longer, studying and contemplating her quest, but it slowly became apparent that she would need to seek the holy tomes elsewhere. Thus she departed her small village and settled in Sorellia, the nearest large city. With her vast knowledge of lore and languages, Asami soon found a position as a scribe in the Royal Library. She has reason to believe that the information she must find may be far away from civilization, though, and she has recently fallen in with a group of Pathfinders who may just be able to help her reach it.


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