Half-Elf Barbarian, survivalist, fire failure, hater of horses


At 6’2" and 215lbs, Kul’Thad isn’t the most imposing Barbarian in the world. He has a head of dirty, matted, black hair that reaches out in different directions and is held in back by a thick piece of leather. His eyes are red, which is a little strange, and his arms each have spiraling tattoos ending in the palms of his hands and originating from the center of his back. Despite his height, he isn’t as stocky as you would assume a Barbarian to be.

Don’t let his appearance fool you. While he could pass for attractive after a few baths and a haircut, his life in the mountains have left him scarred and resilient, to both the elements, pain, and the opinions of others.

He carries a two-handed greatsword left for him by his father. It is old, damaged, and the blade has since lost its edge. It’s a good thing that you don’t need a keen blade when the weight is more than enough to crush foes in two. Hardly worth any coin, it seems to hold a sentimental value to Kul’Thad.

Recently, he has discovered his love for taking trophy’s from his enemies, deciding that displaying them around his neck is the best way to show off his achievements.

He can technically make a fire, but so far hasn’t backed that up with any proof.


After the disappearance of his father, Kul’Thad sets out not only to find him, but discover the origins of his elven ancestry. Having no knowledge of the world outside of his home in the mountains, Kul’Thad carves a path to the truth the only way he knows how: with a big ass sword and a cask of ale. If he can make a pocket full of coin along the way, so be it.


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