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Welcome to the Wiki of Zim!

Races – There are a plethora of races that exist; some peacefully and some not so peacefully.

Sorellia – Beautiful city of castles, magic, and knights. Home base for the player’s characters.
-Shield Knights – Order of the Shield Cavaliers dedicated to the defense all the people of Sorellia
-Lion Knights – Order of the Lion Cavaliers dedicated to the Lady of Sorellia, currently Queen Sorsha
-White Knights – Paladins dedicated to justice, lead the city guard for Sorellia, the White Guard

Briarwood – Great wooded forest west of Sorellia. A very magical and dangerous forest, yet still home to many settlements.
-Blunderstone – Town of tinkering gnomes within the Briarwood whose inventions are often as dangerous as they are creative.

Main Page

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