Third Session

Rescued from the Past

The party, having entered the step pyramid and conquered the zombie lord, surveyed their surroundings. They were in a dusty and dark round room with exits on either side. One held an unconscious female wood elf, chained to the wall. The other a large chest next to a weapon rack. Upon further analysis, a secret door was discovered leading into a torture chamber
complete with rack and iron maiden.

Not only does the party find they find themselves rescuing an elf from the chains, but there was also a suli in the iron maiden, named Portana and Thane, receptively. Asami brought them both to consciousness and the party learned that these two beings had been trapped down here for at least 75 years.

Portana the elf was captured 75 years earlier and made to be tortured by her converted elven monk companion, the zombie lord. The magical chains kept her alive without food or water, and they kept her from casting her spells, but she aged that entire time. Though not old for an elf, her hair is a pure white and her skin paler than any other elf.

Thane was captured during his first pathfinder mission, 80 years earlier. The iron maiden’s magic powers kept him alive and not aging, but in constant, timeless agony and pain.

Both Portana and Thane were captured by the Torbid cult, a fanatical cult of necromancers who had great power at that time, but were soon later destroyed by the Lion Knights. They were left forgotten with their undead captors, in pain and misery for almost a century.

This was interrupted by the goblins coming back from their patrol. The party rushed up to the top of the step pyramid, upon hearing the goblinoid tongue spoken in shock at finding their comrades. A great battle was about to arise, a goblin ranger leading his comrades up the steps, but Kul’Thad threw a javelin he found on the weapon rack. The javelin turned into a magic bolt of lightning and turned all the goblins into a crisp.

The treasures were gathered up and split amongst the party. Ysgarren took the magical shackles that had bound Portana, but the iron maiden was much too heavy to ever contemplate bringing with.

Asami and Millie the Pipefox get to know each other a little better on their journey back to Blunderstone, as did Portana and Asami.

Ysgarren has Portana ride his pack pony and gave both fine clothes; else they be naked.

A moss troll attacked from the treetops, falling down upon the party. The troll was deadly and almost killed Thane and Kul’Thad. If it weren’t for Asami’s healing touch they may have. Yet the party was quick to kill the creature before more harm could be done. Arrows from Lillith and Ysgarren’s sword made the troll flee, almost dead itself.

Upon returning to Blunderstone, Noodla the Druid healed the party and their rescued companions. Portana took further healing from a curse that was beset upon her, but she instantly gained her magical oracle powers back when she was cured. Plants and flowers around her sprang into existence around her, growing to large heights in seconds. Thane’s body was healed of the many, many dotted scars that were across his body. The party was very grateful for the group healing.

After bringing Linny her family signet ring, the seven of them went back to the inn to get a good meal and reflect on recent events and future doings.



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